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Posted by: Magnus Brading on Aug. 06 2002,15:26

The purpose of this board is to make the process of getting help much faster and more efficient.

When someone asks a question, anybody who knows the answer to this question is very welcome to answer. This way the answer will be received much faster than if an email was sent to me, and also the email pressure on me will be relieved. The amount of emails today can get very high, and soon I can't answer them all anymore.

You are always welcome to answer any question, in any forum, that you know the answer of. This is in no way reserved for the Mp3/Tag Studio message board staff or me, but just the opposite, we really encourage this. If everybody helps as much as they can, everybody will also get helped as fast and efficient as possible.

Please read the rules for all the forums (see the link at the top of each forum page), so you know exactly what the different forums are for, and what is allowed in them.

Thanks everybody, hope to see you around!

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