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Posted: Aug. 26 2022,07:13

Easter egg makeup: People are turning themselves into Creme Eggs for Easter weekend

First it was regular makeup sponges. Then came silicone bra inserts and tomatoes. And now, in possibly the weirdest beauty trend, beauty bloggers are using hard boiled eggs to apply and blend their makeup. We're not making this up. It all started when a beauty vlogger who goes by the name PopLuxe started 'Project Object' - a project where he would let his viewers decide the object he would apply makeup with. When his viewers chose a hard-boiled egg, he did not back down. He followed through on his promise.Get more news about makeup egg producer,you can vist our website!
PopLuxe reported that while the egg did a good job of blending makeup, it smelled rotten and crumbled all over. However, the trend did not die there. Four day ago, makeup artist Esther Gbudje also tried using a hard-boiled egg to apply her makeup.
This latest beauty trend, however, hasn't found many takers. Most people, surprisingly enough, prefer to stick to traditional applicators to put on their makeup. Here are some reactions that the hard-boiled egg trend garnered:
Yep, your makeup. This Easter it’s time to embrace being extra (no, I will not do the ‘eggstra’ thing. Don’t make me) and fully commit.

You could go for Easter egg inspired nails or bunny brows, sure. But those are so 2018.

This year’s big Easter beauty trend is transforming your face into a giant Creme Egg. Nothing could be more festive.We’d love to say the look is simple, but it actually requires an artistic hand.

Makeup artist Katie Butt shared a video of herself creating Creme Egg makeup on Instagram, complete with a shiny wrapper, that sunny yolk, and dripping creme, and it looks pretty time-consuming.But hey, an hour spent doing this is so worth it. It’s a long weekend, you’re bored, what else do you have to do?

Katie’s creation has been flooded with likes and positive comments, and has influenced one other artist to recreate the look, but it hasn’t fully hit the mainstream yet. Don’t expect to see your nan rocking up to Easter Sunday service with her face painted to look like a delightful chocolate treat.If you fancy getting in on the trend but aren’t quite ready to go the whole hog with face-painting, you can always try Creme Egg nails, instead.

They’re a much more wearable way to pay tribute to your favourite Easter chocolate, requiring the colours of the Creme Egg packaging on your talons.

You can cheat the system by just sticking the foil wrappers on your nails. Simple.That’s also the perfect excuse to load up on the chocolates so you have plenty of packaging available to do all ten nails.

Get some more while you’re at the shops, just in case you need additional reference points. No judgment here.
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Posted: Dec. 01 2022,02:56

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