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Posted by: upamfva on July 26 2022,10:51

Alfa Laval launches TS45 gasket plate heat exchanger

Alfa Laval is now launching the newest in its gasketed plate heat exchanger range, promising to impact an even wider range of applications and industries.The TS45 is the worldís most modern gasket plate heat exchanger. Every inch of its design is intentionally created with flexibility and performance in mind. These large new plates are packed with innovations to take thermal efficiency to new heights. The first of which is Alfa Lavalís noncircular inlet and outlet OmegaPort. Thanks to an increased thermal surface area it can boost efficiency across the whole plate pack.Get more news about < Alfa Laval Phe Gaskets >,you can vist our website!

The second new innovation is Alfa Lavalís FlexFlow design. This new design incorporates asymmetric channels that optimize thermal efficiency. In other words, it helps provide long-term, cost-effective, and quality performance.

The third and final big innovation is the installation of Alfa Lavalís CurveFlow plate pattern. This new pattern improves media flow and distribution. Thanks to this new technology Alfa Lavalís customers can save even more on time, energy, and maintenance costs.

Alfa Lavalís new standard for thermal efficiency is set to raise the bar for their customers, the industry, and the planet. offers all kinds of compatible replacement of ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger gaskets (PHE gaskets) and ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger plates (PHE plates). If you are looking for compatible replacement gaskets for ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger and plates for ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger,


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