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Posted by: Michael on Feb. 16 2004,23:44

I am currently evaluating the Bookmark Converter and I use Mozilla Firebird (now firefox) which has the feature of QuickSearches using the keyword option in a bookmark [SHORTCUTURL=].  This makes for handy browsing in Fire(bird|fox), allowing us to type 'google "Bookmark Converter"' to do a quick google search for Bookmark Converter.  I also use this for a redirector that I have on my computer that allows me to type in a code for different URLs/Forms and go there.

When I sync the bookmarks and favorites, the SHORTCUTURL disappears, making me have to go back and re-define the redirector shortcut's keyword.
Posted by: Magnus Brading on Feb. 17 2004,02:39

Thanks for the info, I try to support more special fields in each version, this field is among the planned ones.

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