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Posted by: DiamonD3 on Aug. 13 2022,19:12

Where do you think are the best IT specialists at the moment?
What country is the best to buy IT services from?

Posted by: DonaldCrack322 on Aug. 13 2022,21:04

Definitely, these are Ukrainian specialists, for me personally so.
They are excellent at their job, they do everything of the highest quality and have only good impressions after working with them < >.
In addition to the fact that Ukrainian engineers are educated, experienced, and technically savvy, there are almost no mental gaps and language barriers.
Most IT specialists from Ukraine speak English, and this is the result of a strong technical education with an emphasis on foreign language learning and practical experience.
Many companies from various industries choose to outsource software development in Ukraine, as the technical expertise of Ukrainian programmers can cover the needs, problems, and specifics of their business.

Posted by: Umbrella166 on Aug. 13 2022,21:51

I've heard from many people that outsourcing in Ukraine is one of the best, so I think that's really true.

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