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Posted by: Avenger on May 21 2006,11:08

I searched for a bookmark manager with the features I would like to see, without success.

Brading Software "Bookmark Converter" is the closest I have come to what I want.  However, it does not perform some of the functions I would like to see.

Problem: I have two completely different sets of bookmarks from two different computers.

I do not want to merge them entirely.  I would like to be able to see the other third party browsers bookmarks as an IE Favorites folder without disturbing the primary IE Favorites bookmark Master set (through the use of a merge).

It would be helpful if able to view the third party browsers (not IE) bookmarks as an IE folder bookmark set.
Then I could selectively choose the bookmarks that I want to preserve.

This requires two additional functions.  

1) Firstly, before you have the program offer the opportunity to merge it should inquire as to whether or not to merge the master sets or "create a new safety set" to work on.  (Alternatively the Master Set should be automatically backed up before any other operations can be performed [use "nofication dialog popup"]).  The safey set can then later be merged to overwrite the Master set while creating a backup file of the old overwritten Master set (in compressed form if plausable to conserve disk space).  A user defined name should be enabled for each brower type of bookmarks set now that it is in an IE Favorites folder format.

2) Now that you have a safety set you need a "comparison tool".  Some of my folders contain bookmarks in the third party browers set that I do not want in the other browser sets or I do not want any Longer or they are already in my "Master Bookmark Set" and would become duplicates if merged together.  This would be undesirable.

A comparison tool that would allow me to compare at least two bookmark sets at a time would be extremely helpful and would increase my productivity time.   Then I could decide if I need to move an entire child sub-directory of folders/links or just specific individual shortcut links.  Also the tool would provide a greater confidence level if I am able to examine the bookmark sets in vivid detail before a merge ---- Perhaps in the form of an expanded directory tree.  With options like expand all or expand this folder only.

(I guess basically what I want to do is pluck the links from the third party browsers that are missing in IE Favorites Master Set.)  Of course I would like to examine them before merging them and selectively choose the desirable links.

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