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Posted: April 15 2020,10:09

The annual first lesson of the school is finally aired. This year's theme is "My Pride in China". There are many books written about the history of China Pride Parliament Cigarettes, such as the four great inventions Marlboro Cigarettes, exquisite porcelain, silk and so on. But I think Chinese characters are more representative. As Professor Wang Ning said during the festival, Chinese characters and Chinese character culture can continue forever, and life is in the folk. The rich historical background is covered in a stroke, and the Chinese characters lead us to feel the past and think about the future. It is not only the crystallization of wisdom, but also the foundation that cannot be missed in traditional culture. Chinese characters are unique to our Chinese people and at the same time they are a kind of culture. It has been inherited in China for thousands of years. It contains the wisdom of ancient working people and retains the ancient people's thoughts. Chinese characters are characters with infinite charm. The characters of Japan, South Korea and other countries are all created on the basis of Chinese characters. Chinese characters are rapidly spreading abroad. Now, the United States has a "Confucius Institute", and many Americans go there to learn Chinese characters. Chinese character calligraphy is a unique art, and only the Chinese character can enjoy the word "art" alone. Chinese characters can be written as softly as water droplets slide over lotus leaves, and the writing is smooth and dignified, while English is only bound in the four-line grid, and the pine can not be loose. Chinese characters are interesting, some are hieroglyphic, imitated perfectly, such as the word "human", is it not like a person stretches his legs and walks? There are also harmonious characters, people with a local accent, sometimes make jokes due to homophonic. All Chinese characters are not rigid symbols, they all have their own meanings. I saw the word "flower" as if I smelled the fragrance of the flower and saw the beauty and purity of the flower. When I saw the word "green grass", I seemed to be standing on the green prairie Newport Cigarettes. A cool feeling struck me. It seemed that I was touching the grass, soft and comfortable. When I saw the word "light", I felt a warm light shining on me. Warm and soft. I saw "love" again, a kind of warm love between friends and family, which wrapped you up. When you wrote "people", a feeling of admiration spread all over me. The great ancients created Chinese characters for us, allowing human civilization to pass down and making our lives colorful.

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