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Posted by: upamfva on July 28 2022,05:07

Fenix LD02 V2.0 EDC LED Penlight with UV Lighting

The Fenix LD02 V2.0 is an exclusive everyday carry Pen light with 70 Lumens of warm white light and 200mW of UV light. The Upgraded model features many new options that make this new pen light an amazing EDC. First, let talk about the size. The Fenix LD02 V2.0 is super compact weighing in at only 24 grams or 0.84 ounces. The length is only 3.6 inches and 0.5 inches in diameter making it easy to carry in your pocket, never bulky. The New Fenix LD02 V2.0 is powered by one single AAA battery that will last up to 75 hours on the 1 Lumen output mode. The activation is simple, one single click using the anti-corrosion stainless steel tail switch will turn the light on and tapping the same switch will allow you to increase the different outputs. The Cree XQ-E HI LED provides exceptional color rendering protecting night vision and providing good color reproduction. Use the 365nM UV light to inspect objects that contain fluorescent agents or for finding clear anti-counterfeit watermarks. The improved Fenix LD02 V2.0 is IP68 rated making it submersible up to 6.5 feet or 2 meters. Donít wait, Purchase the newest everyday carry flashlight today!Get more news about < High Power Uv Pen Light >,you can vist our website!
Shop ultraviolet blacklights, UV laser pens and blacklight LED flood lights. UV lights are available at 365nm for UV resin curing. Use 395nm to 405nm wavelength lights for reflecting fluorescent powder, or instantly charge glow powders, and glow paints. UV lights can also be used to change the color of some of our photochromic pigments.

This unique UV LED spot curing light has a high power density that exceeds UV lamps. It burns paper. This handheld tool reduces curing time drastically. The design leverages military gear development expertise. This hand-held 365nm UV light features fast and deep epoxy curing, compact size, and ease of use. It offers long operation life, excellent reliability, high energy efficiency. The UV light has a built-in timer and can be switched on/off either by a finger press or a foot pedal. An adjustable holder with a magnetic base is also available for hands-free operation.


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