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Posted by: Elbow on June 01 2004,16:33

If you are like me and are always tinkering about and formatting and reinstalling windows then you may like to know how to keep all your settings.

Save the following file found in your mp3 TS installation directory to a temp folder:


Plus the following folders:


You must also preserve and restore the following Windows registry key to get all your saved templates with you in the move:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Magnus Brading Software\Mp3-Tag Studio\shellext

If you restore this entire registry key after a new installation, it is important that you start Mp3/Tag Studio once before attempting to use the shell extension, or it might misbehave.

Install Mp3/TS, and then copy the files/folders listed above into the directory, overwriting any currently existing files with the same names.

Thanks for Magnus's 2 yens worth.  :idea:

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