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Posted by: Guest on Sep. 14 2022,18:00

I found the article How Students Advocate for Marijuana Legalization. It's not surprising that marijuana is considered less harmful than alcohol, and doesn’t lead to strong addictions like cigarettes or coffee. Students are in favor of legalizing marijuana. They have written outstanding college essays supporting their view. Understanding the details of a topic will allow them to better understand it. Students from the US want cannabis legalization because they believe it is safer than other drugs. It is true that marijuana legalization has been granted in some countries, which will undoubtedly be a boon for them. You can use cannabis to treat pain, anxiety and stress. The positive effects of legalizing marijuana are negligible, as every educated person knows. < >  provides more information on marijuana legalization and how students are fighting for their rights. Here is an article I found about marijuana. This website has lots of information on the most pressing issues.


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