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Going home, going home for the New Year is a compulsory course for every wanderer who works in the field every year Marlboro Red. The process is accompanied by expectations and hardships. For the wanderers who go home once a year, the Spring Festival must go home for the New Year, not only to reunite with their parents, but also to confess to themselves at the end of the year: to prove that they have not been busy in this year. Just like watching the Spring Festival Evening in the 30th year, you must hear the song "Unforgettable Spring Festival" is the perfect ending! The car started, accompanied by a red sunset, pulled by the ribbon of the sunset. Chasing the sunset to go home, I feel that when I was tired of playing with my little friends in the wheat field, my mother was screaming and going home for dinner. The sunset was also called home to go to dinner, and the sky gradually darkened, passing through a strange city Carton Of Cigarettes, passing through a city where there was no intersection. With the coming of the night, the neon lights of the city lit up, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car was pulled Marlboro Gold. Big, the glass window of the car was foggy, and the neon outside the window was smashed by the car. There was only a layer of halo left through the window, and the night sky was fascinated. The window with a layer of water mist did not know which idea. The guest drew a big "home" word by hand, and the water of the glass window under the word "go home" accumulates along the mark, flowing into two rows of water drops, which is the two lines of tears of the homesick. I am going to "go home" and dream, dreaming of the sweetness of going home. I opened my eyes again at 7 o'clock the next day and missed the sunrise. I regret that the car has already entered the northern position. The unique scenery of the hometown is reflected in the winter of the eye, and the green wheat is ridiculous except the green wheat. The trees without leaves are lined up on both sides of the road. Like the soldiers who are being examined, they are naked but not ashamed. The waist is standing upright and standing. This tree is still the same as in previous years: the same branch, the same fork, the only difference is that the trunk is thick. I think this year's mother's face will be the same as in previous years: the same kind smile, the same eager eyes, the difference is that there will be more wrinkles in the corner of the eye, and a white hair on the head. Looking up along the trunk, it is the fork of the tree, the branch of the tree, a black nest is the masterpiece of the sparrow, the nest is their warm home, high above, overlooking all the houses with smoke in the countryside. I slowly found that every 10 seconds of driving Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I saw that there must be a bird's nest on one tree, and even two nests. That's right, two trees were built! This has covered two layers of small ocean buildings. I guess the upstairs and downstairs will not be as simple as the neighborhood relationship. It should be a family of two generations or a relative car. After one bird's nest, I saw a bird. Shaking his wings on the edge of the nest, squatting at the wheat field for a while, watching the bird's nest at the bottom of his head, as if waiting for an opportunity, and saying to the little bird in the nest, my mother went to find delicious worms for you to eat. Undoubtedly, the little bird chicks are happy, and every day, they can look up innocently with hope and curiosity waiting for the "delicious" promised by their mother. Oh, not only that, when you grow up, you can stick to your mother. Wherever the mother flies, I will follow where to fly; where the bird's nest is built, where is home. I don&#65533;&#65533;t want to travel to two cities every year like me. The development of the city satisfies our desires. It is accompanied by the distance between the family and the parents Wholesale Cigarettes. It reduces the greetings to the parents. "Parents are not far away." It is filial piety. I think it is also the prophet of the ancients. Critique of modern civilized society!
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