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Posted: Sep. 08 2020,05:37

It's based on a GameJam 2018 project by Mod Ryan known as Player-Owned House contracts- material that doesn't make it into RS3 as a result of poor mismanagement / management problems is recycled and made better and enhanced on OSRS, which does not have to take care of OSRS gold shitty management and investors up to RS3 does, largely as a result of RS3 being the cash cow / secondary game. It does have some fairly unique benefits, like plank sack, the watched, and hosidius wall kit [unlockable wall kits, a feature exclusive to and well loved in OSRS] that fit OSRS and its own reward space too.

I really don't think anybody desired theres not much support for this, construction contracts. Recall last gamejam somebody was working on prep for EW quest series, yet nobody seemed to care for it, also bear in mind a'gamejam' never 100% signifies content goes into game, its a session for devs to work on fire projects, or ideas for pleasure. One gamejam had penguin raids the musical, in sapce. No, you see direction is precisely the reason.

They litterly stated they did see players druming up it. Many individuals were drumming up the pvm hub vs not druming up EW4 along with EW quests, so we had a chance at the EW quest line or closed to completed, but nah nobody wanted it. (Well I needed it). I blieve the mod working on it said, there could be two more EW quests, and after his work was completed only 1 months worth of work might need being done on it, and its ready to ship, that and he had the framework potentallyh done for any other quests associated with it, but nobody actually wanted it.

You know what we do do, however? We've got polls for what content comes into our match. The player base gets to pick. We don't have egregious microtransactions. And have you even seen Zeah? Or done the inferno or our raids? Articles that already exist somewhere else, RS3 or OSRS is voted for by you. And no I haven't done that because I do not like OSRS. So you state OSRS has no new ideas. But you have not played some of the content they've made?Want help with RuneScape in my Chromebook

Purchased a Chromebook and that I downloaded the RuneScape app. Every time I try choose choice. Does anyone know why I can not right click or understand a way to not having to Old School RS Gold click? Unplayable right now due to this issue. Chromebooks have access thus a lot of things arent compatible with the reality that you are really playing on a computer. The biggest one is that you can't right click, in order to create the right click interface that you must hold left (as you would do if on mobile).
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