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Posted: April 07 2015,14:12

I am a registered user who uses MP3-TAG a lot for radio shows. I do three shows of my own and I also do the admin of two stations.

I need to be able to keep the three areas separate if I can.
What I do for myself would be in a directory like D:\SHOWS\
The two radio stations have their own directories like S:\STATION1\ and T:\STATION2\

What I'm looking for us a way to fire up MP3-TAG that retains the specific information last used for each area. For example, I edit a show in S:\STATION1\ and next time I fire up the program that's the default directory and the settings I last used are also retained. I now want to edit shows in T:\STATION2\ and would change many of the fields - not just the default directory. We use the Album, Comment and Genre fields to give station specific information when the file is played or transferred to a server.

Back in my dim and distant past I was able to use Windows INI files for this sort of thing, where the program would 'start in' a given directory and use the INI file found there, complete with the default settings for that area.

Can this be done with MP3-TAG without needing to make big changes to the software itself? My only workaround would be to log out and log in to Windows as a different user to work on a different set of files/station. Time consuming but works.

It would be simpler for me to create 3 icons on my desktop and have them 'start in' the required directories. The program would then retain the default entries from last time it was used and save me needing to keep changing many of the fields and the default directory.

It may be as simple as adding something to the command string when starting the program ? Trying to install three copies of the software does not work of course.
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Magnus Brading
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Posted: Oct. 10 2015,01:34

You could create a bat file that switches out the data file where the configuration is kept (mp3ts.dat) in the same folder that the program executable is in, before starting the program, that would work.  :)

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