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Posted by: Elbow on Sep. 26 2006,11:46

Hello Magnus,
long time no see, all is well In Jappers, been busy at work an all that jazz.
Got a question for anyone out there who has had the misfortune of someone deciding to run itunes through your music directory. AAAAARG!!

My work hard drive is a mess now.
basically all the folders are named
artist / album that the song was on
so what I have got for example is a folder with many sub folders that have just one song inside (if that artist was on a various artist album.

Is there any to reverse this?
I'd like to at least get all my various artist albums back to normal.
Posted by: Elbow on Oct. 12 2006,16:49

is there anybody ooooout ttthhere?
Posted by: Magnus Brading on Oct. 13 2006,23:24

Hey Elbow, sorry for the long reply time, there was a technical problem with the board that made it not notify me of new posts. :( Anyway, nice to see you around, and glad to hear all is good over at the other side. :)

I'm not completely sure about what you want to accomplish, please give me an example of how you want to name/organize your music album folders, and I will do my best to help you!
Posted by: Elbow on Oct. 15 2006,17:34

glad to see your ok,
basically itunes was thrown thru the music folders and it created something like this

G:\Music\Creed\Now That's What I Call Music! 6

what its done is its put just one song in the last folder,
Im just thinking that your proggy cant move files can it?
I'll wait for an answer before I get into it
Posted by: Magnus Brading on Oct. 16 2006,01:42

Yes, it can move files. So just tell me a little bit more about which structure you want to move the files into, and I'll do my best to assist you. :agree:
Posted by: Elbow on Oct. 23 2006,15:11

okey dokey

So this is what iTunes has done.

My folders are all named like this


this is fine for their own albums but its a pain when its a various artist album
then they are named for example
Janest jackson/Now thats What I call music
with only one track in the folder

I'd like to get all the various albums back to normal
hope this helps
Posted by: Magnus Brading on Oct. 24 2006,11:23

Ok, if you can just move all the (newly created by iTunes) top-level VA artist folders (or the non-VA artist folders, if that's easier for you) to a separate folder. Then perform an auto-rename operation in the VA folder, using absolute path mode and e.g. the following template:

Posted by: Llamatron on Oct. 30 2006,20:01

The < DonationCoder Board > also has a free download that'll pull orphan files out into a main directory, and even delete the empty folders if needed. It's really handy for stuff like you're describing. :D

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