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Posted by: porty on Mar. 10 2009,22:12

How can I merge (upating and avoiding duplicates) two separate IE6 Favorite collections? These are from two different machines.

If it helps, I've been into IE on both pcs and exported Favorites as a single htm file, then renamed them '0bookmark.htm' and '1bookmark.htm'.  One is about 404k, the other 406k.  Both files are now parked on a third pc.

Can I use BC to do this?
Posted by: Magnus Brading on Mar. 25 2009,02:06

Yes, BMC can merge any collections of bookmarks from the supported browsers, including two IE6 collections. Simply use the merge tool from the menu.
Posted by: gavind on Jan. 27 2013,15:06

I'm looking to work with IE8 here. Would it be possible? Or willit be having some minor issues at all?

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