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Posted by: tptgbkmcvtforum on Jan. 15 2007,17:24


I've been using Bookmark Converter 3.2 for about a year and have never had a problem.

But, now I have a problem:
- I am unable to convert "IE 6" favorites to "Firefox ver." bookmarks.
- Using "Windows XP Pro SP2".

The error pops up during the conversion.  It always pops up at 35% complete.
- I/O error 123.

I searched this forum for that error code but couldn't find a match.

Can you suggest anything?

Thanks!  And have a great week!

Posted by: Magnus Brading on Jan. 23 2007,01:46

Hello, this happens when you have any unicode characters in your favorite names, if you remove all such it will work.
Posted by: tptgbkmcvtforum on Jan. 23 2007,04:21


I have many favorites and looking through them for unicode characters is time consuming.  Is there an automatic method to remove the unicode characters from the favorites?

Thank you!
Posted by: Magnus Brading on Jan. 29 2007,01:42

Not built into Bookmark Converter at this moment, no, sorry.  :ashamed:
Posted by: tptgbkmcvtforum on Jan. 29 2007,04:28

OK.  Thank you.  Have a great week!
Posted by: Susuka on Nov. 02 2021,08:53

This occurs when your favorite names contain any unicode characters; removing all such characters fixes the problem < Fall guys >
Posted by: Guest on Oct. 07 2022,05:30

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